To the Editor,

Let’s say “thank you” to a great leader and public servant — Mr. Jim Pitts — who is retiring after serving as our State Representative for more than 20 years.

During his time as our representative, Jim has worked across party lines to get things done. He has served and worked for all the citizens of Texas to make it a better place. His leadership and ability to work with others ensured that the right thing was done, regardless of what political party came up with the idea. It’s a quality and trait we need more of these days.

Above all, Jim is a genuinely kind person and a true Christian. He is intelligent, hard working and always puts others before himself.

On a personal note, I will never forget the House Resolution that Mr. Pitts wrote when my parents passed away. His kindness toward my parents, both during their life and upon their death, will never be forgotten.

May Jim enjoy all the rest and happiness in retirement that he so greatly deserves. If his successor is half the person he is, we’ll continue to be in good hands.

Thank you again, Jim!

Kathleen Praslicka Bowen,