To the Editor,

After reading Dave Vance’s self aggrandizing column about his attendance at the March 22 GOP Ellis County Convention, Ellis County Republicans need to know the real story. I am a current Precinct Chairman and I was one of the few Precinct Chairman that filed for re-election in the March 4 primary.

To be a County Convention delegate you only have to ask a Precinct Chairman to add your name to the delegate list and show up at the county convention held every two years. Proof of voting Republican is not required. Only 84 delegates attended the convention out of the estimated 40,000 Republicans that voted in 2012 general election in Ellis County (this represents .0021 percent of the Republican voters). This fraction of the voters does not represent a majority of the Republican voters in Ellis County but they want you to think they do.

Some of the delegates will highjack the convention with their personal agendas (one reason attendance is so low). The action that Dave Vance was proudest of was a good example. Mr. Vance and others used the State Convention delegate selection process to try and embarrass Ellis County Judge Carol Bush, who was just re-elected for the second time by a majority of the Republican voters. They didn’t embarrass Judge Bush, but they did embarrass themselves and they destroyed the last shred of credibility this party may have had.

The facts are Judge Bush was not asked by the nomination committee if she wanted to be a delegate before being added to the alternate delegate list nor did she request to be a delegate. Others were asked before they were added to the list, but not Judge Bush. Judge Bush has no desire to be part of a delegation that continues to attack her personally or a party leadership including the chairman, that go out of their way to be disrespectful and rude (I have witnessed this personally) toward her.

These bullies removed Judge Bush from the alternate delegate list in a cowardly manner. They used the convention floor to make unsubstantiated attacks on her knowing she was not there to defend herself. I witnessed the same delegate, which made the motion to remove Judge Bush, do the same thing to former Ellis County Commissioner Heath Sims at the 2012 Convention, even after Commissioner Sims stated in writing he did not wish to be on the delegate list. It says a lot about a person when they are proud to be part of a cowardly act.

The most laughable statement from Mr. Vance is he was using “Republican Principles” to judge other Republicans. A review of Mr. Vance’s writings and actions will show him to be more aligned with the Democratic Party platform. His use of junk science to make unsubstantiated and exaggerated attacks against Magnablend qualifies him for a position in the Obama EPA.

The statement “A house divided against itself cannot stand” has come true in our party. The number of Precinct Chairman that filed for election in March declined by 35 percent (only 18 of 49 precincts had someone file), fundraising is down and initiatives to increase participation have failed.

When our party comes asking for your support, know they only want your money. They don’t care about your vote or the candidates a majority of you elected. Also, please remember that any money that you donate will be supporting this rouge group that may attack the Republican you voted for and supported.

I suggest you donate to the Ellis County Republican Women organization. They are focused on building the party and supporting Republicans in Ellis County. They will appreciate your support and they will respect your vote.

Tom Manning,

Republican Chairman Precinct 108

Ellis County