Midlothian Independent School District hosted the annual MISD's Got Talent Show last Friday and Saturday night. The elementary school students kicked off the weekend by showcasing their talent on Friday night. Then the middle and high school students were given an opportunity to present their talents to an audience and a panel of judges.

There were a total of 20 performers in the show, with talent ranging from vocals to dance. However only three winners in each category would be awarded trophies, and only one in each would go home with first place.

Winning first place for her dance performance to “Say Something” was Frank Seale Middle School sixth grader Brianna Mendoza. Mendoza said she has been dancing since she was 4 years old, and has always loved it as a form of expressing herself.

“I've always loved dancing,” Mendoza said. “There are so many different forms and ways for to express how I'm feeling or to bring out the theme of a song.”

Although her routine was more of a mix of ballet and modern dance, she said her favorite type of dance is jazz, because it allows her to be more creative in her expression.

Walnut Grove Middle School eighth grader Adrian Miller, also known as Menace took first place for his rap rendition of “MC Free Verse.” He said he has chose rap as a way to express himself because it inspires him.

“I've grown up listening to rap music,” Miller said. “I know some people think rap is about being a gangster and killing people, but it's so much more than that, and not all rap music is bad. A lot of it is very inspiring and makes me want to be a better person.”

He said when he listens to rap, it makes me want to grab a pen and start writing my own lyrics about how I'm feeling at that moment. A lot of times it turns into songs he's used in performances like the talent show. He said the lyrics from his performance were original, but he borrowed the beat from one of his favorite rap songs.

Miller said he is hoping he can continue to grow and get better at his lyrics so that he can inspire others the way he has been inspired.

On the high school level, Courtney Dunn came in first place with her vocal performance of an original song she wrote called “Just Remember.” She not only wrote the words to the song, but came up with the guitar chords, which she used to accompany her.

“I chose to perform this song because I wanted everybody to hear my music,” Dunn said. “I wanted to see what their reaction would be to the song.”

Dunn said before performing the song live she made a video and put it on YouTube. She said she received such great feedback from it that she decided it would be the best song to use for the talent show.

Winning the high school group vocal competition was Nowhere But Up. This group is made up of three ninth graders, Stephanie Schroeder, Dannielle Remek and Kaylee Consalus. They met in choir and have been singing together ever since. Their performance of “Bottom of the River” won them a first place trophy in this year's show. They said there is nothing better than performing as trio, because it gives them an opportunity to showcase their harmonies.

Senior Daijza Williams won the crowd and the judges over with her dance routine to “Robot and Violence.” Williams said she came up with the choreography to the song on her own, and wanted to use her dance as a way to express her love for Jesus Christ.

“This entire dance was based on my Christian religion,” Williams said. “I love Christ and I've never seen anybody do like a Christian rap type of dance, so I just wanted to put it out there. I wanted to show people how much I truly love Jesus.”

She said winning first place for this routine gave her a confidence boost and showed that with Jesus by her said she can do anything.

The judges panel for the talent show consisted of Dr. Jerome Stewart, dance teacher Kari May, elementary school teacher Sharon Mooring and country music artist Brandon Chase. Chase grew up in Arlington and was a contestant on Season five of NBC's The Voice as a member of Blake Shelton's team. Not only did he participate in the judging portion of the show, but he also performed his newest EP “Country Enough,” which was released earlier this week.

The talent show is hosted each year by the Midlothian High School Choir Department.