Mayor Bill Houston took time out of his schedule to deliver meals to shut-ins on Monday afternoon. He said he has been participating in Meals-on-Wheels for the past five years and it's something that he enjoys doing.

“This is a great organization and I wish I could be more involved, but time just doesn't permit me to do that,” Houston said. “I like seeing the people. They are always excited to see you and most of the time they invite you in. It's interesting and it's good to see that they are getting a good, warm meal.”

Over the course of five years, Houston said he has gotten a lot of opportunities to meet different people and to hear their stories. He said there is one story that sticks out to him above them all.

“A couple of years ago we went to deliver a meal to one of the ladies,” he said. “When we got to her house we couldn't find her anywhere and it caused us to worry.”

Houston said the entrance to her home was on the backside of the house, and they couldn't see that she was out in the front yard doing some yard work.

“When we found her, she wanted us to come in and talk with her for a little while,” he said. “We did and we let her know that we were worried when we couldn't find her. She told us that she was find and proceeded to offer us something to drink.”

He said it turned out to be a neat visit like so many of them often do.

“She was a very nice lady,” he said. “She kept us their for about 30 minutes just visiting and talking.”

Houston said he would encourage anyone looking to volunteer to volunteer for Meals-on-Wheels.

“They need to at least come out and try it one day,” he said. “I guarantee when they see the people and the looks on their faces when someone comes to their door with a meal and willing to visit with them, they will be hooked.”

He said volunteering for an organization likes this makes a person more sensitive to the needs of those who are shut-in. He said it makes you appreciate them and you come to understand how much they contribute to the community.

?Meals-on-Wheels of Johnson & Ellis Counties serves the children of yesterday by helping needy homebound elderly and disabled persons remain independent and healthy in their homes by providing home-delivered meals, daily personal contact and support for individuals and their families.

For more information about the organization or how you can become a volunteer, email