District 3 Representative (DR) Bernie Owen spoke about current issues which may affect federal employees and retirees. The DR oversees four National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE) chapters in our area, to include chapters in Dallas, Arlington and Northeast Tarrant County.

Owen spoke about recruitment and the need to continue our grassroots communication with local representatives.

He also provided specific information on how current congressional budget suggestions may affect federal employees and retirees. Federal employee retirement contributions may be increased, the employees bonuses may decrease or be eliminated and the continuation of federal employees pay freeze, with changes in CPI (which will affect the military, social security and other annuity pensions).

Owen provided a pragmatic response to all NARFE members’ questions, and he circulated pamphlets identifying critical mistakes federal employees and retiree want to avoid “The 10 Worst Mistakes Federal Retirees Can Make” and “The 10 Worst Mistakes Federal Employees Can Make.”

He concluded his presentation with other vital information for our local membership. One of the 10 worst mistakes is for federal employees to wait until retirement to join a NARFE chapter.

Rex Carey, President; Steve Armstrong, Second VP; Bob Cornell, Treasurer; and James Whitfield, Secretary, are the local officers sworn in for NARFE, Chapter 1191.

For membership information, please contact the closest NARFE representative to you, in Corsicana call 903-874-3092, in Ennis call 214-949-6197, in Waxahachie call 214-850-4783, in Red Oak call 412-722-3607, and in Midlothian call 972-775-2463.