The FarmGirls are embracing every element that spring delegates. Though winter has lingered the promise of spring is evident in the yellow bursting forsythias, the red bud trees, tulips and daffodils.  

The ground has been slow to warming, delaying many flowers, including our famous Texas bluebonnet. Due to the most recent freeze many vegetable gardens have had to be reseeded and even some cool weather plants have had to be replaced.

Another sign of spring can be heard if you visit a feed store. On a recent trip to Boyce Feed and Grain we heard the peeping and chirping of baby chicks and baby ducks.   

Donelle crouched down to observe the busy little chicks scurrying under their heat lamp. We chuckled at their playfulness and tried to distinguish their heritage.

Backyard chickens are becoming increasingly popular. Chickens really can provide entertainment, we often sit and watch our chickens as they chase bugs, eat worms and forage about in our yard.  

Cackling and hen chatter is soothing and pleasant to hear. They are a very social bird and often follow us around the yard as we do chores. Our small flock, seven mature hens continue to provide our family with plenty of eggs. All of our girls were randomly acquired, the Americana and the Rhode Island Red came as babies, two hens were given to me by a client. The remaining girls were ousted from a local city that prohibited backyard chicken.  

We love reaching into our colorful collection of eggs to cook breakfast. We gather green, blue, brown and white eggs. All have beautiful dark yellow yolks with sound nutrition and great flavor.

Chickens do not always welcome newcomers to the flock. However a friend is moving out of state and needs a home for seven beautiful ladies. We will be incorporating them to our flock next week. Guaranteed the girls will be all up in cackle, but in time all will adjust.

 No doubt we will be headed back to Boyce Feed and Grain because they carry a large variety of poultry and poultry supplies including GMO free chicken feed.  We will be looking supplies, but only looking at those cute little chicks. We will have our hands full with the mature girls!  Tune in weekly to our FarmGirls Radio Show on Legends 770 AM at 1 p.m. every Friday. Like us on Facebook: Garden Inspirations, from our garden gate to yours…

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