To the Editor,

In California a huge cross visible for miles was ordered by a court to be dismantled. It stands on Mount Soledad as a memorial for veterans. It is on Federal land.

The argument for itís removal is that the government is favoring a particular religion which violates the perceived constitutionality. Understandable.

What I see as wrong is that some see it as a challenge to, or an even an attack on their own religious views. I see the cross as a symbol of the goodness which lies in that religion represented. As I see in any religious symbol, however foreign to my understanding or belief. It is matter of what you want to see.

Leave the cross alone. Let the Buddha statue stay. Let the mosque be built. Keep the Star of David lit. What we need now is not less religion but more of the inherent goodness each has to offer. We have enough of the worst shown by the perverted actions of those using their religions as swords instead of pathways to peace among people.

Let us show what is good about our religions. Respecting others is a good place to start.

Alan Fox,