To the Editor,

In searching the Internet for names of past populations or what we refer to as generations, an article by Matt Rosenberg provided the following information: 1900-1924 — G.I. Generation; 1925-1945 — Silent Generation; 1946-1964 — Baby Boomers; 1965-1979 — Generation X; 1980-2000 — Millennials or Generation Y; 2000/2001-Present — New Silent Generation or Generation Z.??

I wish to amend Mr. Rosenberg’s list by simply adding or recognizing our current generation. ??

It is my opinion that we are living in a new and menacing generation that raised its ugly head when bankers devised new methods of packaging mortgages and other financial resources that (with the help of our national politicians, who refused to regulate and require responsible accounting) began the final stages intended to grind down the middle class in 2008. ??

And now, this new (yet old) method of political power grabbing actions by our progressive emperor – King Obama, and those who selected him — before others elected him, has brought us to our new generation … the “D-Generation.”

James Parker,