Darrow Molder, a 10-year-old student at Mt. Peak Elementary school placed first in the ISI Love to Skate 2014 Presidents Day competition in McKinney.

Molder, who has only been skating since September of 2013, said winning the competition was unreal.

“When I realized that I had won the competition, I was very excited and happy,” Molder said.

Her parents said they were surprised at the win, only because of her inexperience.

“My husband and I were only surprised by the fact that she is so new to the sport,” Darrow’s mother Kim said. “Also, we weren’t exactly sure what the judges were looking for.”

Kim said Darrow’s coach Nickolai Korolev told them that each skater had to perform all of the elements on their level and one element from the next level up to be successful. She said they thought maybe one of the other girls would place higher, because she added a waltz jump, but that wasn’t the case and Darrow came away with the gold medal.

Darrow said the thing she likes most about competing in ice skating is that she doesn’t have to worry about anybody else.

“I love being the only one out there,” Darrow said. “I feel like I am on a cloud when I am on the ice. I feel free from all worries.”

She added that she also likes to watch the other skaters’ routines and to see what kind of outfits they have on.

Kim said allowing her daughter to pursue her dreams has caused the family to sacrifice a lot of time and sleep, but they enjoy seeing her doing what she loves.

“Darrow has to practice at least three days a week for a total of six hours,” she said. “We have been lucky enough to work jobs that can be done from anywhere and at anytime. Otherwise our daughter could not do this sort of sport.”

She added that everyone chips in around the house to make sure other needs are met and that chores are done.

“Everyone, including our 18-year-old son has to do chores and runs errands to make sure all necessary things get taken care of so Darrow can practice,” Kim said. “The grandparents also assist in taking Darrow to practices or watches our 10-month-old baby.”

Darrow said winning the medal at her last competition was great but she has her eyes set on much higher accomplishments.

She said she would like to compete in the national championships and is confident that she will be competing in the 2022 Winter Olympics.