Travis County, Texas is a place known for a lot of things but one in the limelight these days is a knucklehead sheriff who believes it’s acceptable to choose which laws she obeys and which she will defy. Problem is, there’s a new, bigger sheriff in town and that nonsense won’t fly anymore. While our own sheriff has plenty of his own problems to deal with as he creates his own brand of stupidity, designating Ellis County as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants isn’t one of them.

By definition, a ‘Sanctuary City is a name given to a county or city in this country with certain procedures in place that provide shelter for illegal immigrants. In other words, these jurisdictions and the bozos running them advocate the protection of those in this country illegally. Frankly, it’s not all that complex. Just as in nearly every other country in the world, if I show up without proper documentation or try to enter illegally, I’m going to get kicked out and so are you. America should be no different. That any sheriff anywhere is breaking the law by refusing to enforce it is not only a breach of oath, but it's also blatant lunacy.

Mr. Trump is right when he says “America first” but, despite the contortions of those out there who refuse to give Trump a chance, it doesn’t mean prohibiting people from coming to America. Such a declaration simply means coming to America the correct, legal way. Those that don’t should be sent packing. From where I sit, it’s incomprehensible that any illegal immigrant would ever come before America’s veterans or disadvantaged. That a feckless, weak president ever allowed it or that a dopey sheriff, much less one in this great state, would allow it is rank stupidity. It’s also grounds for never giving anyone espousing such nonsense the honor of wearing a badge. I’m guessing Governor Abbott will see to it that the tough-talking sheriff in Travis County gets the message pretty soon and that the tough talk will give way to a strong dose of reality.

America must come first. Our borders must be secured. Our veterans must be taken care of, our poor must be taught the skills necessary to escape the entitlement calamity and no one should be allowed to come here illegally. The flow of money to foreign countries, namely those seeking to destroy ours, must never see another dime. The United Nations must experience the consequences of alienating our most important ally – Israel - and the wall on our southern border must be built. Those are just a few of Trump’s objectives and he’s right to pursue them regardless of what anyone in the media or on the left has to say. In putting America first – something Obama never did — Mr. Trump will set America on the long-awaited journey back to greatness. Part of that journey means shedding the unnecessary luggage that has held us back for way too long. Serving the needs of illegal immigrants at the expense of our own citizens and propping up ill-advised, law breaking sheriffs are but two of those pieces of luggage.

If the sheriff in Travis County has any sense, she’ll start packing.