Of the countless reasons we all should be proud to call Waxahachie home is the essence of lawfulness and, for the most part, quality local law enforcement throughout our community. The men and women among us willing to put their lives in danger every day so as to keep the community safe are also the bravest among us. It’s hard to imagine going to work knowing any call on any day could be a life-changing one. Despite the malcontents in society who find it necessary to disrespect law enforcement officers every chance they get, I am grateful for those who wear the badge and adhere to the tenets of honor, respect, and protection.

That said, there are those in law enforcement in this county who wear – or once wore - a tarnished badge. It’s tarnished because they tarnished it. Whether a loudmouth, tough-talking constable who comes across as more of a keystone cop than an honorable officer, a former police chief who’s had his pathetic, perverted lifestyle on display this week or our own sheriff being investigated for actions unbecoming a sheriff, we have a few outlaws among us.

My first awareness of Mike Jones, the Constable of Precinct 4, was a couple of years ago when he chose to disperse idiotic propaganda encouraging citizens to disregard state and local gun laws. His ‘Walking Tall’ mentality was to advocate vigilantism whenever necessary rather than making sure people adhered to the law. He also threatened a county judge using Facebook posts. It was clear then just as it now that Mr. Jones, and anyone like him should never wear a badge much less a gun. Of course, now Mr. Jones is facing misdemeanor and felonious charges for tampering with evidence and abuse of official capacity. Go figure. You’d think a constable already in trouble for similar actions in the past would know better, but then again.

As for Kevin Coffey, the former Police Chief of Maypearl, whatever punishment comes his way won’t be enough. When a middle-aged man, who just happens to be a law enforcement officer, decides to molest underage girls, he deserves the full force of the justice awaiting him. While I hope he finds Jesus one of these days, I hope he finds Him while tucked away in a cold prison cell. A prison cell, after all, is far better than what Mr. Coffey deserves.

Regarding the Sheriff of Ellis County, Johnny Brown, the nonsense emanating from his office needs to stop. While popular among some, Mr. Brown’s behavior is becoming more and more disconcerting, to say the least. His popularity comes from those who like him but who don’t know much about what the sheriff’s got going down at the jailhouse. We have a sense of it though and have an obligation to tell you about it when the time comes. Being investigated, however, whether it’s because of a dopey fight with kids in a Whataburger or for any other reason, is not something a sheriff ought to be known for … ever.

All said I appreciate Patrick Wilson, the District Attorney of this county, and his team for having the commitment to prosecute those who break the law. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wayward constable drunk on his own power, a perverted former police chief who has ruined the lives of the very people who needed his protection the most or anyone else.

For those who wear the badge with honor and keep us safe, thank you. For those who don’t, take a hike.