WAXAHACHIE — Final steps are being made as actors and staff at Scarborough Renaissance Festival prepare to transport audiences back in time to when kings, queens, and knights ruled the land.

The 37th annual renaissance festival runs from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays April 8 – May 9 and Memorial Day May 30.

“From the minute they walk through the gate they are immersed in 16th century England. We would like to say that we bring you the sights, the sounds and everything but the smells of the Renaissance. There are 27 stages and 200 artisans,” Scarborough Renaissance Festival General Manager Coy Sevier said. “We have some wonderful demonstrations. We have probably one of the top five glass blowers in the country. He has got stuff in the museum of modern art. His name is Milon Townsend. He puts on demonstrations and has a beautiful booth by the Crown Stage. He is just an amazing talent. So many of our artists are not only known in the Renaissance circuit but also in the fine art world.”

Sevier said the items that that these artists create range from leather work to pottery. He added, "jewelry and blown glass are truly unique and would create a great gift for a loved one or yourself."

Scarborough also features a full range of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Some of the performances include full combat jousting, juggling, sword fighting, Scottish bagpipes, acrobats, dancing and comedy acts.

“We have got some new acts coming, like one of the guys that used to be part of the 'Flaming Idiots,' Jon O’Connor, is coming back with his new act and will be on the Peg Leg Stage. His act is called 'Idiot Friends,' which is a juggling act,” Sevier said. “Brother Donald is coming back. He is a storyteller and has been one for years at Scarborough. His stories are hard to describe, but they are stories that he has written and tells. It is the old art of storytelling, and he will just take you away. It is kind of like listening to your dad read to you when you go to bed. He hasn’t been here for almost 10 years but he is coming back, and we are excited about that.”

Other acts that will be a part of this year’s festival include the German Brothers who do a German Rap Show, Arthur Greenleaf Holmes, Danny Lord: Lord of Mischief, the bagpipe and drum band Tartanic, Christophe the Insulter, Ebenezer Crumby: The Irate Pyrate and the Birds of Prey demonstration. There is also Flynn’s Wine Tasting Show and Seamus’ Beer Tasting Show.

“The Danger Committee will be back for two weekends, and the London Broil will be back for the first two weekends. The London Broil are a trio of jugglers who came to us as kids. They were there last year for a couple of weekends and are good jugglers,” Sevier said “The danger committee is three really talented jugglers and knife throwers. They do some real stunts like that are just amazing. “

Sevier said the theme for this year’s festival is that King Henry is throwing a big party for his daughter, Mary. Accompanying Mary are members of the Spanish Court.

“We create this bubble of 16th century England where life is a celebration. We want everybody to come in and leave his or her worries behind and step back in time and not worry about it. Nobody in costume is going to come up to you and ask, ‘Well how is your IT job?’ Food also, we are known for our turkey legs. The Food Network did that story years ago,” Sevier said. "We have got the pasta palace. We have got fish booths and wraps, and we have got vegetarian items. We have gluten free items. So there is something for everybody. We have got 10 pubs now. Some of them serve the same thing, but each one is unique. Our beer tasting and our wine tasting have grown.”

Sevier said on Easter Sunday the festival will do high church on the crown stage with the King and his court. The church ceremony will be a true historical Episcopalian style service from the mid-1800.

Tickets are $28 for adults and $13 for children 5-12 years old. Discount tickets are available at Tom Thumb and Albertsons grocery stores. For more information about the festival go the website at www.SRFestival.com or contact festival staff at 972-938-3247. Scarborough Renaissance Festival is located at 2511 Farm-to-Market Road 66 in Waxahachie.


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