MIDLOTHIAN — A suspect allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident that sent Midlothian Police searching for his truck and true identity has since been arrested.

Despite attempts to claim his brother’s identity, Michael James Aguilar, 45, was arrested and booked into the Wayne McCollum Detention Center on Sunday. He has been charged with an accident involving injury and failure to identify as a fugitive with intent to give false information.

“The call came out initially as a hit and run. It took place on Farm-to-Market Road 663. Officer Katlyn Martin made contact with the victim who said she was feeling some pain in her lower back after a truck had rear-ended her and drove off,” Midlothian Police Department Capt. John Spann said. “There were two witnesses there. One of them got a good cell phone photo of the truck that captured the license plate and there was a marking on the side of the business.”

Spann said after medical personnel checked the victim for injuries that Martin drove to the business. When she (Martin) arrived, she spotted a vehicle with front-end damage and fluids leaking from it. She then made contact with Aguilar.

“Initially he gave her a false name. Gave her the name of his brother, Tommy, claiming that is who he was. He denied even driving the vehicle. He said he was not in the vehicle or anything. Once she had asked him where he had been prior to her making contact with him he claimed that he had been at home,” Spann said. “She (Martin) asked for any type of identification. He couldn’t provide anything just the name and date of birth saying that Tommy was his name. When he gave his brothers name it turned out that this brother had a couple of outstanding warrants,” Spann said. “He was arrested and she (Martin) was pretty sure that was the driver of the vehicle based on what a couple of witnesses had he had seen him pull in with the truck.”

Spann said when they arrived at the station that Martin requested the driver’s license photos of both Michael and Tommy Aguilar to determine the driver’s identification. With the pictures, police were able to determine they had Michael in custody. It was later found after the identification was made that Aguilar had warrants from the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office for a probation revocation, a warrant for a probation revocation out of Midland County and a warrant for cruelty to non-livestock animals from the Ennis Police Department.

Ennis Police Lt. Mike Hopson said on June 17, 2015, it was reported to police a small dog had been found in the back yard of a residence located in the 2300 block of Louise Lane. The witness was the new owner of the residence. An officer spoke with the witness and found the dog to be very malnourished.

“The dog was on the porch and didn’t have any food or water. Neither had been provided. The last person known to occupy the residence was a Michael Aguilar,” Hopson said. “The electricity was still on and attempts to make contact with him went unanswered. Animal control went and picked the dog up. It was determined that the dog was left at that location.”

Hopson said a warrant was issued for Aguilar’s arrest.

According to online records from the Wayne McCollum Detention Center, Aguilar remained in custody as of noon Tuesday with bonds totaling $25,500.


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