WAXAHACHIE — The veterans, disability and counseling services departments at Navarro College in Waxahachie finally has a place to call home.

Navarro Dean of Student Services Kristin Walker said these services will not only be available all day Tuesdays and Fridays – a step up from its previous once a week schedule – but will now be more accessible for all the college’s students. She explained that Navarro employees will now have their own office for convenience opposed to scheduling an appointment at a more-times-than-not crowded financial aid office.

“They didn’t have a home. They didn’t even have an (office) phone,” Walker said previously, before the new services officially moved to Building A, Room 162 last week as part of its grand opening. “The fact that they’re here and accessible to our students allows for one-on-ones.”

With that, the Waxahachie campus, located at 1900 John Arden Drive, now joins the Corsicana site, the college’s main campus, as being the second Navarro school to render these services at a physical location. The two-year public institution’s other three campuses are in Midlothian, Fairfield and Mexia.

For example on how these services work, and after scheduling an appointment, students who serve or have served in the military may get additional information about the GI Bill or Hazlewood Act in an effort to receive an exemption from some specific tuition and fee charges. For counseling, the veteran may want to talk to a representative about difficulties with a particular course subject or, for disability services, a student who may have a hearing impairment can seek hearing aid devices.

Representatives from these departments include Eileen Sahlstedt, a veterans affairs certifying official (Veterans), Leanne Leonard, a licensed professional counselor (Counseling), and District Coordinator of Disability Services Brett Haduch (Disability).

“The fact that they’re here and accessible is great for our students because it allows for the dialogue,” Walker said.

To set up an appointment, students can call 972-923-6464.