LAS VEGAS — Midlothian businesswoman Deanna Cooper, the owner of Ashley Nostalgia, was elected as President of the Board of Antique and Amusement Photographers International. Elections were held during the association’s 2017 convention & trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada on Feb. 1.

Ashley Nostalgia — which supplies costumes, equipment, and accessories to Old Time Photo studios nationwide — is a charter member of the association and Cooper has served on several AAPI committees. The company operates several studios in amusement parks and travels to festivals in Texas including the Scarborough Renaissance Fest and Texas Renaissance Festival.

AAPI is a professional association for photographers and vendors specializing in souvenir photography including antique or “Old Time Photos,” special events, historical re-enactments, and amusement portraits. Members are located throughout the United States and Canada, as well as several other countries. For more information on AAPI, visit our website at or contact our office at 860-578-2274.