“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” – Mark Twain

It’s one thing to seek changes that result in good by manifesting behaviors founded in respect, kindness and genuine concern, but it’s a totally different matter when hate and bitterness control a person’s every act thereby making their primary objective the destruction of others.

There’s no better example of the latter than what took place this past Monday night at the ISD School Board meeting and I want to tell you about it. Let me begin with the folks who’ve created the Facebook group called ‘Concerned Citizens of ISD’. Two weeks ago I told you about them but that I didn’t want to name names. After observing their behaviors in recent days, reading some of the blatant lies told on their Facebook page about the ISD’s Long Range Planning Committee and witnessing their ever-present desire for attention, I’ve decided to give it to them. These people are scary and unpleasant, but it’s past the time to mitigate their purposeful destruction and I’m up for it.

That group, led by Shannon Moyers and Mark Martin among others, is a closed group of about 325 folks as of this writing. It was once a group of about 1,200. That, along with being a closed group, is pretty much all you need to know about these two people and their motives, but there’s more. I’ll get to that in a second. Ironically, some in the group are, in fact, close friends of mine. They are people who care about their community and who strive to contribute in positive ways. Many though have left the group and others only remain so as to be entertained by the palpable hysteria posted there every day. Since the group isn’t about accepting folks who don’t fuel the flames of their hate, I rely on my friends to provide insight regarding what’s posted on the page. Believe me when I tell you very little truth can be found there.

Moyers and Martin — and those attached to their tattered coattails — spend countless hours slinging as much dirt and filth about people in Waxahachie as they can. To ostensibly have more of a say, Moyers attempted to worm her way onto the school board two years ago, but finished last in a race of seven. Go figure. As if in a form of revenge for that defeat, the consistent target of ‘Concerned Citizens’ is usually the ISD but there are divergent little paths of poison they take to verbally berate anyone who challenges their imaginative gyrations. I’ve had my share of musings from them and so have several others in the community. These two little fuzz balls, and those who cruise social networks with them, are obsessed with Jeremy Glenn and Jon Kitna by example and will do all they can to ruin both men.

In addition to highlighting their sorry behaviors, I also want to challenge any member of the school board aligned with these folks. By a few indications, there is at least one who seems to be in unison with the very people in our community intent on destroying others. Voting "no" on nearly every step to enhance the ISD, voting "no" on working with the Superintendent long into the future, trumpeting the recent events surrounding Brady, Kitna and the football team are but just a few examples of actions that will never be productive and that make it necessary to keep a close eye on the connections. Call me silly, but the respect and honor associated with holding a seat on the school board is far above any such motives or behaviors emanating from any trustee. Just the other night, the amount of jubilation at seeing a man, who made a mistake with a student, lose his job was pathetic and deplorable. And, for the record, as a business person responsible for a workforce in a corporate environment, I agree with the decision of the five school board members who said Brady should not be rehired. There are consequences to mistakes regardless of how upstanding a person is and such is the case here. The precedent set by a rehire would be devastating to any ISD, much less ours. As for the school board, knowing that any sitting trustee takes pleasure in this ordeal and its subsequent consequences is enough to know that such a school board member should not be one. That’s why the election in May is so important.

Above all, Waxahachie is again being dragged through the mud by people who live life with hatred and bitterness. Truth is, Waxahachie can never become numb to the impact of compulsive, attention seeking, disrespectful people who will not stop until the pain they create is enough to ease their own. Such is what is happening in this wonderful community and it must stop. Just like no one wants dirt in their ice cream, Waxahachie doesn’t want or need those who simply seek to do her harm.

And that ‘concern’ you hear about is as dirty as it gets.