MIDLOTHIAN — Earlier this year, the Midlothian Economic Growth Committee and Texas Petition Strategies of Austin collected more than 5,500 verifiable signatures of Ellis County Precinct 4 voters to get two special alcohol propositions on the ballot for May 6.

According to a Midlothian Mirror article published Feb. 5, the Midlothian Economic Growth Committee stated neither proposition plans to allow for hard liquor sales or liquor stores. Proposition 1 will allow the legal sale of beer and wine “in businesses such as grocery and convenience stores,” while Proposition 2 would permit “the legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants by food and beverage certificate holders only. This will allow state recognized restaurants to serve alcohol without requiring the ‘private club’ memberships.”

The same article noted the idea for the propositions first surfaced when Blaine Stone Lodge, an all-inclusive wedding and outdoor venue, announced plans for construction on the west side of Midlothian and outside of the city limits.

Residents in Midlothian, as well as portions of Waxahachie and Red Oak, voted in favor of the two propositions by over 70 percent. The final numbers tallied by the Ellis County Elections Office showed 1,267 residents voted for Proposition 1 and 1,315 in favor of Proposition 2, while just 531 and 471 voted against the two ballot items.

"We’re thrilled that over 70 percent of the voters in JP4 Ellis County were eager to support economic development," said Candi Tebbs with Blaine Stone Lodge. "The passing of Prop 1 and 2 will help level the playing field for all business in our part of the county."

Tebbs also noted the venue would open for weddings and corporate events in June and more information on the building progress, as well as details related to an open house, can be found on Facebook at "Blaine Stone Lodge."


Travis M. Smith, @Travis5mith

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