MIDLOTHIAN — In celebration of opening it’s 108th Walmart Academy, Walmart of Midlothian, located off of North Highway 67, is adding to its in-house infrastructure by providing a detailed training program through their Academy.

The celebration took place Tuesday, May 2.

Training more than 140,000 associates a year across the map, the Walmart Supercenter’s added schooling facility, located inside the store, teaches hands-on training to hourly supervisors and department managers for two weeks, combining both the classroom and the sales floor.

“This is the 108th Walmart Academy, and we are proud to have this facility in the Midlothian community. One year ago, there was only one Academy in the nation, and now we have over 100,” stated Gregory Harden, store manager and academy director. “This growth shows how big of an investment and commitment our leadership is willing to put into our associates."

According to a Walmart press release, the company plans to build 200 academies in the U.S. by the end of 2017. With this, each academy will train associates from approximately 25 nearby locations, benefitting them within the store’s interworking.

Students will have more access to training by utilizing closer schooling sites and will be able to be home each night, rather than being away from home for two weeks of training.

The academy will also take associates out of their home store so they can focus solely on training while still utilizing a real-life Walmart sales floor as a training environment.

“I’ve learned so much over these past two weeks. I never thought I would be able to walk across a stage, but Walmart has finally given me a chance to succeed and graduate,” expressed Jerri Harrison, a graduating associate.

Each Academy will have its own team of approximately 14 associates, who will all have retail operations experience to lead the training. All academy stores go through a rigorous auditing process to make sure they are able to deliver the teaching, training, and development that associates should receive at the academy.

For more information, visit walmart.com or call (972) 775-6755.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer