MIDLOTHIAN — In a home that fits both lifestyle and technology, the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce welcomed InHome Genius, a smart home design company, to its membership last week.

“We are very proud to have them as chamber members,” expressed Cammy Jackson, President of the Chamber of Commerce, to the group, gathered Friday, May 19.

With services that range from state-of-the-art security and lighting to irrigation, multimedia, and much more, the organization is versatile and equipped to meet a client's technology need and style.

“It’s all based on smartphone technology, so we're able to enhance people's lives and make it easier,” expressed Jared Thompson, owner of InHome Genius “We do primarily new construction homes and retrofit homes, which we also retrofit preexisting homes, so we can do both."

“The Tiny Home at our Marketplace and Wine and Arts Festival, InHome Genius did all of that really cool lighting and technology stuff inside. They’re good,” Jackson complimented.

“We had the idea for the company about four and a half years ago, give or take. I worked for Apple at the time, and my title with them was 'Lead Genius,' and that’s where I came up with the name InHome Genius,” Thompson explained. “I just kept getting people asking, ‘Hey, can you come to my house? Can you do this and this?’ And the answer was always 'no' because it was a conflict of interest. And then I got tired of working every weekend for Apple and missing my daughter’s soccer games, so I was like, ‘We can do this better.'"

After resigning with Apple, Thompson and his wife, Terrin, began their company in 2014 — in their garage

The Thompson's business quickly expanded into office space off of Eighth Street and is currently located on Dividend Road, just off Highway 287.

“From lighting, networking, media, shading, irrigation - all of us bring it together as one cohesive unit,” Thompson described the extent of their work.

More than a conglomerate of gadgets and appliances, InHome Genius not only installs but also pulls together a harmony of technology into a cohesive arrangement.

“Yes, you can control it all from your phone, but that’s almost a byproduct of the system,” Thompson described the unique aspect of their operation. “The system also intelligently learns what you do when you turn things on and off when you're home. And you can control it from anywhere in the world as well. Some of the things you see on the shelves at Best Buy is kind of what you’ll see here, except on steroids."

Though the company is young, it has certainly made a name for itself, appearing on FYI Television Network’s Tiny House Nation, as well as partnering with a slew of well-known brands, such as Bella Vista, Loxone, Canyon Creek Construction, and the list goes on.

With a team of nine, Thompson goes on to compliment the employees who make the dream a reality.

“We developed a team, and my guys are the brains behind it, making it all work. I go and tell people about it, and they make sure it happens. I couldn’t get far without these guys,” Thompson acknowledged.

Settling into the Midlothian neighborhood, InHome Genius is shaping up to be yet another successful venture, adding value to the “DFW Southern Star.”

To connect with InHome Genius, visit inhomegenius.com or call 469-333-0126. To contact the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce, visit midlothianchamber.org or call (972) 723-8600.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer