“I will bless those who bless you (Israel), and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed” - God
Despite the perpetual, inane flailing of those on the left who can’t seem to get that elections matter and they lost, Trump is the President and he’s making a much-needed difference in this world. From immigration control to proffering a budget that breaks the irresponsible spending cycle Obama and his sycophants inflicted on America, Trump is taking substantive steps to restore a sense of stability to this country. Notwithstanding all the drummed up drama surrounding wild liberal claims that the Russians got Trump elected is just that – drummed up drama – Trump will not be deterred. If the Russians pulled off such a feat then why in the name of dopey liberal rants did Clinton win the popular vote and not the presidency? MSNBC, CNN, the network media and those espousing such views can chatter all day long but, as is usually the case, they’ll move on once they realize there is no ‘there’ there. Talk about crazy.
Of all the lousy decisions made by Obama during his time in office, one stands out to me as being most egregious – the damage done to America’s longstanding relationship with Israel. Obama not only dismissed that great country, he meddled in its business far too often. From the dangerous, amateurish agreement with Iran to the constant disrespect shown Netanyahu to Obama’s obvious lack of understanding about who should live where in that country, Israel was betrayed by the Obama administration. And, all the Rachel Maddow’s of this world, even those in this community, can’t change that. I suppose the theory those like Maddow, Matthews and their lib pals rely on is if they talk about it long enough well, then it must be true. You’d think the election of 2016 would teach them something, but then again.
Just a bit bigger than the DFW metroplex, Israel is under constant threat … both the figurative and literal kind. With maniacal countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan and others obsessed with destroying her, Israel is on never-ending guard. Imagine DFW being bombed almost daily by Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana, etc. and you’ll get a sense of the need for that never-ending guard and habitual, amped up defense. Even with such volatility and threat in mind, the Obama administration left Israel out to dry and the whole world knows it … even the aforementioned talking heads.
With a fierce military might and the promise of a sovereign God that she will never be defeated, Israel will continue her stand against the incessant evil bestowed on her. As for Trump, he’s intent on reasserting America’s support to strengthen such a stand regardless of the palpable desire by the left to thwart him. Netanyahu and the beautiful people of that holy land have been through enough hell at the hands of those determined to destroy them than for any further betrayal or abandonment by this country to ever occur in history. Those who inflict harm on Israel will, as God tells us, suffer the worst of consequences … Obama included.
As the world keeps turning and burning, may Israel continue her rise and may Trump’s commitment to defend, support, strengthen and restore America’s bond with God’s people be one of the reasons she does.