To the Editor,

Imagine a child sitting in the back of a classroom forty-something years ago. Imagine the teacher standing at a chalkboard in the front of the room explaining in monotone and demonstrating conversion of fractions to decimals to percentages...Imagine that same back room student understanding little to none of what the teacher is saying much less the numbers and symbols being scratched onto the green chalkboard. Now, picture this same student moving from class to class and teacher to teacher year after year, the only difference, the teacher and the objective. The student remains lost and frustrated.

I was that child.

And unfortunately, even though I thought I was a lone ranger, there were and still are many students in the same seat as I. Understand that I am in no way saying my educators were to blame for this; Lord knows they tried. But it was a different time and education, like everything else, certainly was less evolved compared to now. In addition, I understand now, that because educators then were unable or could not take valuable class time to determine how I could best learn, I continued to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the norm, and I struggled severely. Over the years, I survived by adapting my own best learning style. And once I discovered how I best could learn, I started applying these methods to all of my classes. So, why am I telling you this? My purpose is for the same reason I’m running to serve our children today. I completely buy into the belief that given the time and resources, MISD educators can “RECOGNIZE” and develop “EVERY CHILD’S POTENTIAL.”

I am asking to be your candidate of choice on May 6th, if you too understand that Midlothian’s people-resource is our greatest asset. Midlothian must find and earmark resources to grow these crucial commodities’ and we as a “District of Innovation” MUST provide the resources, develop the opportunities, and build competitive pay that will continue to ATTRACT and RETAIN the best of the best educators in the state to assure our children have every opportunity afforded them to reach their FULL LEARNING POTENTIAL!

I’ve lived the last 30+ years of my life serving others. My career choice and evolution from public service into healthcare is evidence that my heart’s language is service. I served as a Firefighter/Paramedic for 25 years then moved into the private healthcare sector. However, you can still find me visiting patients’ homes or working beyond the scope of my employment to care for others in their time of need. My service on the City Council taught me to balance the role of team-player as well as look out and fight for the needs of my constituents. It also gave me a first-hand perspective of understanding that things aren’t always as they appear. I learned to do my homework and research BOTH SIDES of the issues facing our city on my own to make sure I understood all sides.

I can assure you that I continue to be a life-long learner. I refuse to be set in my ways or be single-minded. I try to always, and if elected, promise to evaluate ALL sides of the issues put before me, to assure I make the best decision possible for the betterment of our children’s education. I have no hidden agenda for running for MISD school board. I only desire to make things better and serve the students, parents, and educators of Midlothian. I vow to work and be committed to continuing and growing the tradition of excellence MISD has established over the last 100+years.

I promise to be a reasonable ear, positive voice and a STRONG ADVOCATE for our students and I would be honored to earn your vote on May 6th.

**Remember, Early Voting begins April 24, 2017, and runs thru May 2, 2017, Open from 8-5 M- F at the Midlothian Conference Center.**

Respectfully asking for your vote,

Jimmy Beaudoin, Candidate for MISD School Board Trustee, Place 7