To the Editor,

I am Carol Walters, a resident of Waxahachie. Lately, watching major news coverage regarding the actions of President Trump, mostly Fox News and listening to pundits on WBAP Radio, I have felt rising anger and frustration. First, let me say that Donald Trump was not my first choice as a candidate, but, when he became the Republican nominee, I stood behind him, as did my husband.

I recognize that Donald Trump is not a perfect ma, but no one is; yet he is clearly not a buffoon and a fool, as many suggested he would be, and he is very presidential in many ways. I would agree that it would be best for Trump to stop using Twitter and keep some of his personal concerns to himself. However, the things he promised the American people to do during his presidential run and his commitment to carry them out as quickly as possible is commendable, as so many politicians have failed us in the past.

What concerns me is that most of the press, Hollywood entertainers and stars, many university professors, appointed judges, and the liberals in the Democratic Party are totally against President Trump and are doing everything possible to thwart his efforts to get his cabinet appointments approved. The press, including most television news stations, are clearly biased and continually report the actions and statements of the far liberal left in the United States. The result is that so many Americans fail to get the truth and are rioting and participating in often violent protests based on non-truths. My question is, where is there room for the voice of the majority of the American people who support President Trump to express their views? With the exception of Fox News, and some newspapers/magazines, one would hear only the views of the left.

What can the American people who now support Donald Trump do? First, might I suggest getting on your knees and praying for our new president and for our country. Then I would suggest boycotting news on all the major news channels such as NBC, ABC, CBS and Channel 13. Write to your local papers and legislators and senators to express your views and stand up and make your voice heard in your workplace and in other of influence in your life. Finally, use the ballot box to vote your preference.

If the American people do not do this and are not continually diligent, the liberal left wing of the Democratic Party will continue to deceive Americans and the truth will be hidden by the majority of the press. It is sad to me that so many of our young people are so uneducated as to what is really happening in this country. Often, they act like sheep, following and agreeing with the bias that is reported on the major news channels because they are hardly any alternative views being reported. This needs to change, and I can call on conservatives in Waxahachie and in our state to act in responsible ways to support our new president, and I call on those who support President Trump to take more actions to make their view known.


Carol Walters