To the Editor,

It's supposed to be a day of joy, flowers, candy and not at least, sweet Valentine cards. Sounds wonderful? Well, what do you do if your husband died many years ago, the children are busy with their lives, and you find yourself alone? You go to the "Widows Valentine" Luncheon at the Waxahachie Bible Church. That is what you do.

That is where I met several of my lady friends. They were all dressed in their festive attire and sat at the beautifully decorated tables. Heart-shaped red balloons floated high above the tables and on the snow-white tablecloth red heart-shaped vases held lovely fresh flowers, surrounded by chocolate candy hearts. And the Valentine cards in front of my plate read, "Happy Valentine, from Alex," written with a green pen by a child. (Thank you, Alex, wherever you are!)

The gentlemen volunteers of the church played the roles of not only waiters, who served a tasty brunch of chicken salad and fresh fruit, but also serenaded us with a banjo player and all those masculine, beautiful voices.

And this is my way of telling everyone participating,

Thank you" from the bottom of my heart. Waxahachie has been home for this refugee girls from East Germany for the last 10 years, and I could not be any happier anywhere else. I found a secure home and am surrounded by wonderful people at Country Lane and all of Waxahachie, and this old lady is incredibly grateful for all of this, and if I did not let you know what I think about Valentine's efforts of the Waxahachie Bible Church, you would have never known what an influence your effort had on me. So, once again, "thank you," so very much, Waxahachie.


Doris Wheeler, Waxahachie