To the Editor,

It is indeed a privilege to offer my endorsement to Andrea Walton for Midlothian ISD School Board Place 7. My husband, Randall, and I were honored to serve as teachers and administrators in the Midlothian School system for a combined total of almost 60 years. Our community is blessed to have a continuing legacy of dedicated and competent leadership both within the school and city.

Andrea Walton would perpetuate the continuing tradition of excellence that this community has enjoyed. I have known Andrea for many years and have had the privilege of serving on education committees with her. She has demonstrated commitment, dedication, and responsibility in these positions.

I have found her to be passionate about quality educational opportunities for students and the opportunity for students to apply these skills. Andrea's leadership skills have inspired both children and high school students in writing, videoing, and producing top-notch presentations, in her campaign for school board Place 7, which express their views and opinions. These video productions are a testament to her genuine interest in the development of student talent.

Andrea's experience as a successful business owner provides a comprehensive background both in leadership and financial acumen, qualities essential to meet the needs and challenges of a growing district. Communication skills compliment Andrea's business knowledge and financial experience. She is thoughtfully expressive, and she balances that with concerned listening.

She and her husband, Nick, are loving and kind Christian parents who are raising their children to be moral, ethical, and responsible adults. These are qualities that Andrea would reflect in the boardroom. Andrea is blessed with a burning passion for education excellence and she possesses the leadership, and relationship skills to help make it happen. 

Please remember to exercise your right to vote:

Early voting -- April 24 - 28; May 1 & 2

Election Day – Saturday, May 6th – voting from 7 am – 7 pm


Sandra Hill, Ed.D.