To the Editor,

As I write to endorse Andrea Walton for Midlothian ISD School Board, I am reminded to express my gratitude to all those who have served, run, or are running for school board. What a tough, thankless, yet phenomenally important job you have! And what a great job our volunteer leaders do on a daily basis to help our school district become even better. Because I know that Andrea Walton will be a tremendous addition to this stellar volunteer board and a tireless advocate for our schools, I encourage you to vote for Andrea in the upcoming election.

I have known Andrea for almost a decade. I had the privilege of working with Andrea on a community group addressing the bond issue that alleviated crowding at MHS by bringing us the second high school. Andrea worked tirelessly throughout that campaign to make sure people were well-informed on both sides of the issue. And after the bond passed and the new high school built, she did what she could to support the new school, even though her own children attended MHS. In fact, while others were building a rivalry between the two schools, Andrea was quietly contributing to both the fledgling clubs and organizations at Heritage and the more established groups at MHS because Andrea cares about this city and the children in our schools—all of them. I have witnessed her dedication first hand and am confident she will help make this school district even better.

Since first meeting Andrea, I have witnessed her in the role of volunteer, peacemaker, businesswoman, and advocate. My admiration for her has only grown larger with each encounter. A veteran, successful businesswoman, mother of three, civic leader, soccer coach, volleyball mom, math pentathlon leader, and consummate volunteer, Andrea is tremendously qualified to be our next school board member. I hope you will join me in supporting her in the coming election.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie McComas