To the Editor,

I noticed in a recent WDL report on the Commissioner’s Court that the saga and fallout continue from Perry’s illegal purchasing. This is all fallout from sudden excessive spending on road resurfacing, and it is safe to assume there are still legal fees to the county to accompany this. I checked the County Court’s agenda and see and found this was taken into closed session again. Remember Mr. Perry was on a mission to see that there was transparency in the Commissioners court. He has given the commissioners and judge plenty of grief about private communications. Looking back the timeline was spring of 2016 during Perry’s campaign for reelection. He claims he does not know about purchases when he was posting and using the results in his Facebook propaganda and political ads? He blamed an employee. The case was passed to the Kaufman County DA to investigate and then on to a local Texas Ranger. We all question the integrity of investigations as it the news every day. I contacted the Kaufman County DA just to see it there was or had been an investigation and did not get the courtesy of a reply. I followed the procedure of the Public Information act to learn a DA does not have to share information in cases that are not prosecuted. I believe their statement was no charges at this time. Folks, this lets a DA be lazy, dishonest or incompetent without discovery or recourse. The DA chose to keep what little if any had been done a secret and that is sure sign there is one of the three to hide. Since Perry passed the spending blame on to an employee, I asked for open records of both their emails for the period of time. I think the employee is his escape goat as Perry blocked him from any of his own emails or records he could have used to defend himself. I was contacted by the EC DA’s Vance Hinds to clarify dates of the two sets of emails and did so. Perry is attempting to exempt all of his emails and has sent the 1,600 to the Attorney General’s Office for an opinion. I contacted the AG’s office about the procedure and was told this is very unusual, simple to do yourself and placed a large burden on the state. He said that it is normal to send samples only. This gives me the feeling there must be something to hide. Things and reasons in question for Perry’s requested exemption are as follows. Any attorney contact as client atty privilege. I assume that includes all of Mr. Hinds correspondence also. The taxpayers pay Hinds' time. The County had hired outside counsel which costs us $300.00 per hr. Those with correspondence specifically mentioned exemptions are those with.

Carol Bush—County judge

Mike Navarro EC Auditor

County Commissioners 2016

a. Dennis Robinson

b. Perry Himself

c. Kyle Butler

d. Lane Grayson

Ellis County Emergency Coordinator Stephanie Parker

Ellis County Purchasing Agent Jodie Platt

Ellis County Treasure Cheryl Chambers

Perry’s Secretary Rick Davis

County DA’s legal assistants

Assistant DA Ray Pike

Assistant DA Vance Hinds

Three email chains dated 04/26/2016 with numerous county officials about the lease of a truck (two pages of reasons).

11 email chains dated 04/08/2016 to 04/26/2016 with numerous county officials about a communication from the ADA requesting open records and a potential ADA claim.

Email chain 03/04/2016 with numerous county officials about purchasing material. I question does this group email chain violate the open meetings law?

All of this was copied from Mr. Hinds to a Tabatha Vasquez which happens to be Repressive John Wray’s Chief of Staff with a follow-up letter giving notice that her communication with Perry was subject the open records act request. I have not heard from Mr. Hinds on the emails of the employee involved.

Considering the publicity given to Perry in his quest for transparency into the Commissioners Court and their waste he falls into the hypocrite category. He causes the court grief before and grief now on the flip side. He has lots of secrets about conducting county business. I believe that had a proper investigation been carried out he would have fallen into the criminal category. I am for Interparty, honesty, and transparency Paul!

Bill Kinsala, Waxahachie