To the Editor,

You have the right to be wrong. Many a German went to their grave believing what they were doing was right and Hitler was a god. There comes a point in time when you've gone a direction so long you can't change: good, or bad, right or wrong. Some people should have a "T" shirt message: Don't confuse me with facts — my mind's made up. No evidence Adam and Eve ever repented. Blame Game: Psychiatrist wife to husband: If Adam hadn't started the Blame Game you wouldn't have a way to treat your wacky screwed up patients. Many have this: If at first you don't succeed — give up! Richest men averaged going bankrupt seven times. There is a crackdown coming: some innocent people will suffer. Good news: Jesus still makes house calls and some times shows up at church. Don't depend on friends or ? in time of need. God said it and keeps His promises. I do very well reading His promises again and again because they work.

Auther C. Blaylock, Waxahachie