To the Editor,

I applaud Andrea Walton’s decision to run for MISD School Board Place 7!

Our schools are the heart and soul of our community and I know she will make an excellent board member. Andrea’s servant servant's attitude along with her independence and willingness to think outside the box are the things that will bring value to our schools. Yes, I also value her leadership and business acumen that being a small business owner brings to the table. She will Stay true to the individual I know her to be........the one who is willing to speak her mind, willing to listen, and knows consensus does not necessarily come from a unanimous vote but rather, from a team who is willing to share their points and respects the input shared while all the effort is in reaching a decision in the best interest of those you are chosen to serve, our students!

She will do well....and again, my thanks to Andrea for her passion to serve!

Danny Rodgers, Midlothian