To the Editor,

Smoking, in my opinion, is bad because when you smoke it can hurt your lungs and it makes your breath smell bad. And with people who do not smoke their lungs will be good and they could have a very good life. Also, it is bad to waste your money on cigarettes plus it's also very bad for your lungs so it can hurt you in the future. When you spend money you won't have good stuff to buy with it. Smoking causes coughing and can affect your life when you live older. People shouldn't smoke around children cause it can make a child get sick. Smoking can cause your house to burn down and burn your couch with holes. Cigarettes can burn a forest down and your cigarette butts cause our environment to be bad and hurt our animals and it will look ugly on our planet. If you smoke they will make you stand in cold and rain and hot cause you can't smoke inside with people. Teenagers when they smoke in their future can make their lungs really bad.

Damien Fuller, 10 years old, Boy Scout Troop 234, Waxahachie