To the Editor,

We are residents of Midlothian and currently homeschooling our children. My husband and I have spoke with Andrea numerous times and I just wanted to reach out to you about why we believe she is a good candidate for the School board.

I first want to start off by talking about her heart for the students, parents & the community. My husband met her at the Midlothian Marketplace, they shared a conversation about her running for the School board and he was impressed by not only her confidence but her knowledge for what it takes to hold a seat on the Board.

He recognized her out with a group of kids, serving the community on Saturday, cleaning up the trash on 1387. They looked like they were having a great time, minus the unfortunate case of poison ivy!!

Even though we homeschool our kids, she was very supportive of having a choice of where and how we educate our children. Because of our conversations that we have had, it's evident that we share the same Christian values. We feel that is important when you are sitting on a board that makes decisions for our Schools.

As a taxpayer, it is also important to us, to have fiscally responsible individuals holding a seat whether we homeschool or attend public school. Midlothian is thriving and becoming a larger community. With Andrea serving on the board, we know she will do her best to help lay a solid foundation for the impending growth.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and praying that everyone else sees the value in having her on the Midlothian School Board.


Chris and Dantia Tate, Midlothian