To the Editor,

Observing the recent conduct of some of our current school board members has highlighted to me the importance of this election to ensuring that our school board listens to and represents the people in this community.

It is especially critical during times of rapid growth and change that we elect trustees with the leadership experience and values to ensure that we don't lose sight of those values and beliefs that make our school district so inviting.

Open and inclusive communication, wise stewardship of tax dollars, and investment in the campus-level employees who impact our kids daily cannot be forgotten.

We are electing a Trustee to "represent the public" and "translate the needs of students into policies, goals, and strategies that reflect the standards and values of the community as a whole."

While the incumbent in Place 6 has discussed at length his experience as an administrator, we are not electing an administrator.

Tami Tobey has served years as chair of the Midlothian Community Development Corporation (a Board I proudly served on with her), years as chair of the Midlothian Education Foundation, Midlothian Arts Council President, MISD Strategic Planning team, and President of the Boys Basketball Booster Club, JUST to name a few.

During our 14 years of friendship, I have never met anyone who has given more to her community. Nor have I met anyone with more willingness to ask and answer difficult questions, or hold others in any position, including herself, accountable for their actions.

Please join me in voting for the person with the core values and demonstrated community skills to serve our children.

Vote Tami Tobey for MISD Trustee Place 6.

Greg Tollefsbol