To the Editor,

It is my humble opinion the Ellis County Sheriff​'​s Department is totally out of control. Let me explain: On January 13, around 4 pm I was driving north on College ​Street, between Jefferson and Franklin​. I caught a glimpse of a lady (?) in a hurry to get to the back of her car. She almost walked into the side of my truck.She had to jump backward to keep from being hit. I drove onto Franklin St. I got on East Main St. Just past Clift St there is a little cafe on the south side of the street. I checked my mirror, and there was a car with red lights right on my bumper. Since I had done nothing wrong, I eased over to the side of the street. What followed next did not make a lick of sense to me. The (?) lady started to chew me out up one side, and down the other. She had totally lost it. She was hollering and yelling. She was throwing her arms all around. She got so loud; people were beginning to slow down and looking. She got so mad because she had to jump out of my way. She did not ask me for my driver's license nor my proof of insurance nor my concealed carry permit for the firearm I had on​ me​.​ I could not figure what I had done wrong, and she did not me a reason. She knew full well I had done nothing wrong. She also accused me in her words of "driving up and down College Street at 40-50 mph and blowing all the stop signs" which I knew was a lie. ​​Occurrences like this make me understand why some people don't trust some officers. ​On Monday I called the Sheriff's department ​and told them ​I​ wanted to make a complaint about this lady(?​), but I was rebuffed at every turn. It seems to me that the Sheriff's office has better things to do than let its patrol officers chase people down and chew people out for no reason. I firmly believe The Ellis County Sheriffs department would rather go to Hell in a hand basket than to come to the same conclusion as I have - that is simply this: They are corrupt through and through.

David Nance Waxahachie, Texas