This records package is presented as a public service by area law enforcement and the Mirror. A person who is arrested or accused of a crime, present at a crime scene, or identified as a suspect in any printed report is not necessarily guilty of a criminal offense. Guilt or innocence must be determined in a court of law. The Mirror publishes all information provided by participating law enforcement agencies.

Jail records reflect that 12 individuals were arrested between Jan. 22 — 28 by Midlothian PD. All 12 individuals, arrested on or after Jan. 22, are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law, and include:

Jan. 22

Joes E. Acosta, 36, for driving while intoxicated (3rd or more) and three previous warrants.

Douglas D. Gannon, 32, for assaulting a family member or violence, a Cedar Hill PD warrant, and a warrant fee.

Jessie J. Gardner, 26, for theft of property greater than or equal to $750 but less than $2,500.

Jan. 24

Tommy J. Holt, 33, for public intoxication.

Jan. 25

Matthew Labrador, 17, on a Midlothian PD warrant.

Terrence Q. Mitchell, 33, on three Carrollton PD warrants.

Jan. 26

Rufus B. Robinson, 40, on a Midlothian PD warrant and a warrant fee.

Aaron J. Vargas, 20, for possession of marijuana — less than two ounces.

Johnathon Chagnon, 18, for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Alicia Ambriz, 18, for disorderly conduct — obscene language.

Jan. 28

Daniel W. Jones, 47, on an Upshur County warrant.

Mindi Summerton, 38, for a failure ID a fugitive with the intent to give false information, possession of less than one gram of a controlled grade 1 substance, and an Upshur County warrant.