This records package is presented as a public service by area law enforcement and the Mirror. A person who is arrested or accused of a crime, present at a crime scene, or identified as a suspect in any printed report is not necessarily guilty of a criminal offense. Guilt or innocence must be determined in a court of law. The Mirror publishes all information provided by participating law enforcement agencies.

Jail records reflect that 15 individuals were arrested between April 23 — 29 by Midlothian PD. All 15 individuals — arrested on or after April 29 — are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law and include:

April 23

Jonathan V. Nguyen, 20, on a Midlothian PD warrant fee, theft of property greater than $100 but less than $750 and an Arlington PD warrant for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Kristen Fernandez, 20, for theft of property greater than $100 but less than $750.

Brandon Davis, 36, on a warrant fee and two Midlothian PD warrants.

Randall Castleberry, 30, on three Mansfield PD warrants and a Cleburne PD warrant.

April 24

Tia Winters, 20, on two Midlothian PD warrants and a warrant fee.

Jimmy Garrett, 29, for forgery of a financial instrument.

Shawn Graham, 24, on a Mesquite PD warrant.

April 25

No arrests reported

April 26

Tyler Ogburn, 23, for driving while intoxicated.

April 27

No arrests reported

April 28

David Vega, 25, for possession of marijuana and three Fort Worth PD warrants.

Kevin Hajovsky, 29, for possession of more than one gram but less than four grams of a Grade 2 controlled substance.

April 29

Ralph Benson, 42, on a Dallas County Sheriff's Office warrant.

Dyonta Rose, 32, on a warrant fee and three Lancaster PD warrants.

Ranferi De Paz Silva, 33, for driving while intoxicated.

Rakin Fields, 24, on three Cockrell Hill warrants, seven Dallas PD warrants and a Dallas County Sheriff's Office warrant.