MIDLOTHIAN — With a population approaching 20,000 and the prime median age of 32, the real estate market is ripe for the picking in "DFW's Southern Star."

To add a pinch of neighborly competition to the real-estate arena, the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce welcomed the Old Republic Title to Silken Crossing Friday, May 5.

“We love being in Midlothian, everybody has been so friendly and welcoming,” expressed Robyn Barrere, sales executive for Old Republic Title of Ellis County. “What’s been really fun, our competitors out there have been very kind to us. I find the whole environment in Midlothian very welcoming and professional."

The nationally recognized underwriter concentrates on supporting locally independent title agents.

“We had a group of clients already out there, which is how we made the decision to go out there,” expounded Barrere on the reason the company was established in Midlothian.

Founded in 1907, the Old Republic Title brand has provided title insurance policies, real estate transactions, and mortgage lending products for more than 100 years. Such essential services are applied to individual consumers, mortgage lenders, businesses and government agencies.

“We are a national underwriter. In the title insurance business, there are only four national underwriters, and Old Republic is one of the four,” Barrere explained. “What we do is provide settlement services for people. So when you buy or sell a house, we close it for you. We provide settlement services and title insurance."

The real estate insurance company shields clients from financial loss and hardships in correlation to what it classifies as “unknown judgments and liens, forged transfers, inconsistencies within a property's title, or misapplication of fiduciary funds.”

The solely owned subsidiary goes on to affirm it has a “distribution channel for products and services spans across the nation and includes independent title insurance agents.”

“Because we’re the national underwriter, we have a direct relationship with the actual underwriter, so we’re direct,” Barrere articulated. “Out in Ellis County, there are no other national underwriters. That’s another reason we saw moving here would be a great opportunity."

Aside from the business, Barrere has been hard at work to connect herself to the community and get to know the value it holds.

“I’m graduating Leadership Midlothian, and that’s awesome because I’ve learned so much about the community,” Barrere explained. “From the different real-estate agents and brokers of the community to people that are born and raised here and are willing to tell you everything about Midlothian - it’s been great.”

Among the friendly atmosphere engraved throughout the 76065 zip code, Barrere recalled a personal testimony depicting the heart of the town she’s come to love.

“When my tire was low a friend had said, ‘Hey your tire is low. There’s a tire place, go there.’ And I was looking for it, passing it, and kind of stopped near it,” Barrere began. “Well, this guy actually waved me down. So I pulled in, and he said, ‘Hey, your tire is low, let me put some air in it.’ And I was like, ‘Oh! I’ve been looking for you,’” she laughed. “That’s one of the things I love about Midlothian — people are just so friendly.

In conjunction with reopening a new location, the one-year-old Midlothian business held a spectacular ceremony, inviting the community to attend.

Keith Nichols, Chairman of the Board of the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce, presented Barrere with the Chamber’s membership plaque and ribbon cutting ceremony.

From a caricature artist to the pumping sounds of the DJ, and a large spread of refreshments, the community celebrated Old Republic Title’s new location, as Barrere invited their neighbors to stop by.

“We offer a friendly environment,” Barrere confirmed. “Our clients stop by and have a cup of coffee and grab a snack, so we’re very welcoming, and we’d love for people to stop by and see us. Old Republic is excited to be a part of Midlothian and Ellis County."

To connect with Old Republic Title, visit oldrepublictitle.com or call (469) 672-8727.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer