WAXAHACHIE — Former Ellis County Detention Officer Gloria Priscilla Aiken will be spending the next 12 years behind bars in connection with the death of her husband, George Frazier. Aiken accepted a plea agreement Friday in the 40th Judicial District Court on the charge of manslaughter. She was initially accused of murder.

According to a Daily Light article published May 13, 2014, members of the United States Marshal’s arrested Aiken at her residence in Columbia, South Carolina. Her husband was believed to have been killed in Ennis. Records from the Ellis County District Clerk’s Office show that Ennis Police took her into custody May 23, 2014.

Frazier was reported missing to the Ennis Police Department by Aiken on Feb. 18, 2008. Later, a portion of Frazier’s remains was located at Bardwell Lake in Ellis County, and more of Frazier’s remains were located at Richland Chambers Lake in Freestone County.

“This case has been pending for several years now. We feel like that 12-year sentence was the best of a bad situation. To be perfectly frank with you, we did not have a high degree of confidence in the evidence that we had to present. We did feel confident that if we did get a conviction, the sentence would likely be severe and the defense would probably recognize that as well,” Ellis County and District Attorney Patrick Wilson said. “In light of the problems we had with the state of the evidence in the case, not the least at which one of the investigators had passed away. That was one of the problems. Many of the victim’s family members have since passed away as well since the case began. There were a lot of hurdles to overcome if this case was going to trial.”

Aiken was indicted by an Ellis County Grand Jury on May 7, 2014. During the investigation, the Ennis Police Department was assisted by the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Rangers, Freestone County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Lab, the U.S. Secret Service and the Ellis County and District Attorney’s Office.

According to the 40th Judicial District Court's criminal jury trial docket website, jury selection was set to start June 12. The trial was set to run June 13-23.

“The public does not often realize a there is a big gap between indictment and conviction. Most cases there aren’t, but sometimes there could be,” Wilson said. “The burden to get the indictment is much lower than a burden to get a conviction. That is something we have to contemplate. Especially in a crime of this nature and it is a very serious crime. Sometimes you get stuck with taking a half a loaf instead of no loaf.”


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