To the Editor,

I write you to discuss a very important topic: Cub and Boy Scouts. I first joined Cub Scouts in first grade. Cub scouts opens your eyes to a variety of opportunities as well as presents a plethora of activities to catch the interest of Scouts until they reach the fifth grade, such as BB shooting language and culture, astronomy, and fishing just to name a few. The experiences I had as a Cub Scout led me into joining the Boy Scout troop that I currently lead as the Senior Patrol Leader. I have no regrets for the decision I made in continuing my scouting experience, I joined troop 234, and have made priceless memories with the people that make up my troop. Boy Scouts is for boys from ages 11-18. I am constantly introduced to new people and leadership opportunities as a Boy Scout. Scouts are given the opportunity to earn merit badges. These badges introduce scouts to many different activities, many career-related, which help spark their interest in careers that might not have presented themselves such as Veterinary Medicine did so for myself. As the school year approaches, I suggest that parents discuss joining scouts with their boys, they won’t regret it.


Carson Wright SPL, Troop 234