This week I am going to talk about community involvement and your efforts in helping the Sheriff’s Office help you.

Obviously, we request the citizen’s input and assistance in “watching out” for each other. No law enforcement agency can be everywhere all the time, so we all depend on you to be our “eyes and ears.”

The common phrase these days is “if you see something, say something.”

One way of doing this is through the neighborhood watch groups. The county currently has over 17 neighborhood watch groups that the Ellis County Sheriff's Office is a part of. This does not include the groups that are sponsored by the cities in Ellis County. When you add those in, there are over 50 such groups across the county. We encourage the groups to remain active and, if you are interested in starting a new group, contact us.

Also, National Night out will be Oct. 3 this year, and we encourage neighborhoods to have block parties or to attend one hosted by a city as a communitywide event. This is an excellent way to meet your neighbors and learn pro-active ways you can support and watch out for each other.

Please contact Ellis County Sgt. Adam Sowder with questions regarding neighborhood watch groups at (972) 825-4948.