MIDLOTHIAN — To enhance student achievement opportunities, Midlothian’s Navarro College campus is offering two new courses to help students discover their gifts and increase academic success.

The two additional courses offered this fall are the Navarro Honors program and the Learning Community.

“We are excited to be offering these two programs at the Midlothian campus,” expressed Dr. Alex Kajstura, Dean of Midlothian’s Navarro campus.

As described by a Navarro press release, the Navarro Honors program offers an engaging environment through active learning, creativity, community engagement, and social activities.

In addition to the semester’s traditional coursework, the program’s material will extend into further detail in such subjects that include Biology, English Composition, College Algebra, Public Speaking, and History.

“This is a more challenging course with additional assignments, advanced research, students collaborating on presentations and more time spent,” Kajstura explained.

“The advantage to this is that many colleges in Texas do have honors programs and that allows us the best of the best students we get to transfer to universities and join them on those programs as well, which otherwise they wouldn’t be able to do,” he added.

The press release adds that, to be eligible for the Navarro Honors program, students must have a GPA of at least 2.5 and be advised by Kajstura. Students must also complete 12 hours of honors classes and maintain a 3.25 GPA in order to graduate with the honors distinction.

Kajstura goes on to explain that a Navarro honors student can expect to be assisted during registration, be enrolled in small classes, have available honors tutoring, and work with other honors students on assignments requiring critical thinking input.

“Students have the opportunity to have the competitive advantage when they apply for transfers to universities through this program,” Kajstura noted. “Universities have a limited number of seats, and they don’t necessarily accept everybody who applies for transfers."

“So the honors certificate from Navarro College is reflected on the transcript and allows them to compete in applications around the state and the country as well,” he included.

In addition to the honors program, Navarro is also presenting a hybrid English class in combination with a History course through its new Learning Community classes.

“The way it’s set up is that those two professors work together and parent that class. So students are taking both History and English classes and actually spend less time in the classroom while getting credit for both classes,” Kajstura related.

The press release also mentioned that the two courses are combined to make the research portion, homework, and class participation relative for both sides.

“It gives the best of both worlds to our students because it gives them flexibility, less time in the classroom, and valuable face-to-face interaction with the professor once a week,” Kajstura described the trending growth of the joint courses.

Since classes begin on August 28, Kajstura encourages those interested in registering to take advantage of both the Honors and Learning Community courses.

“These two new opportunities for students will enhance their critical thinking skills, communication skills, social skills, and their ability to work as a team, which is what business and industry is looking for in an employee today,” Kajstura finished.

For more information about Navarro’s programs, contact Dr. Alex Kajstura at the Midlothian Campus at (972)-775-7250 or Alex.Kajstura@navarrocollege.edu. Fall classes start at Navarro College on August 28, 2017, and it is not too late to register.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer