To the Editor,

"Drain the Swamp," is one of Trump's echoed adages. What's in a swamp? Carnivorous alligators, dead old-hardened cypress trees, poisonous snakes, other wildlife ready to be consumed by the hunter. The only way to discover all these prey is to COMPLETELY DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Consider the avalanche of leaks since inauguration day. A.G. Sessions reports they are a threat to national security and offenders will be held accountable.

Why are there MORE accounts of White House leaks in past six months in Trump's administration, than in previous three years? Any amateur sleuth can deduce there is an anti-Trump effort to embarrass or (as Congresswoman Maxine Waters advocates,) take down our President. Lately, like the famous detective, Columbo, I have considered the motives of these leaks and wonder why they haven't been exposed to date since we have modern CSI methods. Is it the butler, a former hold-over federal employee, or a money seeking White House employee?

Perhaps, the recently ordered over-haul of the 27-year old HVAC system may be part of John Kelly's investigation to discover some hidden devices within. Surely this can be resolved. Now back to "the swamp;" just like the old hard cypress stumps, some long, long, term senators and congress members can be replaced with fresh blood, by enacting term limits. Serving the American people ought to be more than a political salary and benefits, sometimes added by special interests and lobbyists.

The swamp may be part of our eco-system, filled with diversity in its wildlife, but it is protected by the Parks & Wildlife, to maintain equal co-existence so one animal, including man, does not consume another to extinction; sounds like politics in Wash. D.C. don't you think? In the animal kingdom only the strong survive, and thank the Lord, our President is a man of endurance, who loves our country and his enemies will be exposed for their venom, deception, jealousy, vile exposes and adverse goals for American society.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie