MIDLOTHIAN — As neighbors compliment their fellow neighbor, Hillstone Estates is continuing the pattern through its two builders, Wall Homes and Altura Homes, celebrating the booming housing industry on the same street.

“It’s important for us to have a united grand opening because it’s more important for this community to succeed and it has really been amazing,” began Erin Kolp, Wall Homes’ Public Relations Director.

“I feel like we’re a great partner of builders to be in here, both of us will succeed and the better we do I think it'll be better for the community. It’s somewhat unusual, but it’s been a great partnership,” she included.

“We want to be a positive influence here in Midlothian,” added Jesse Jurado, Altura Homes Sales Counselor. “It’s unique, and you don’t really see that, but I think it’s a testament to both our corporate offices and the teams here. We get along really well with Wall Homes, and of course, we have a competitive nature, but we both want to build good communities in Midlothian."

“We’re not trying to outdo the other, and I’m sure we want to sell more than the other, but at the same time we both want to do well for the community - it’s healthy competition,” he encouraged.

As the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce formally presented the Hillstone Estate to Midlothian’s business network with a Tuesday ribbon cutting, both businesses were also celebrating their grand openings in the new city.

"“Both Wall Homes and Altura Homes were telling me that their brand-new into the Midlothian area, and we’re really glad to have them,” expressed Cammy Jackson, President of the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce.

Established in 1979 and ranked as one of the top homebuilders in the DFW Metroplex, Altura Homes offers a variety of designs that include everything from different elevations to floor plan combinations, and neighborhood locations.

As for Wall Homes, the company has expanded throughout the San Antonio and Dallas areas, presenting a mix between a custom homebuilder and a track builder with volume prices and design adjustments to a client's home.

“Midlothian has treated us so kindly,” Kolp complimented. “And this feels like we're official.”

“It took a little longer than we had anticipated for everything to come to fruition, and we don’t feel like we finally had the grand opening yet, so for us this ribbon-cutting makes us feel official and makes us feel like we’re apart of Midlothian,” she included.

During the grand opening, Chamber members and other guests toured five luxurious homes in the neighborhood during the “Tour of Homes” exhibit, proving that Midlothian is headed in the expansion direction.

“We were looking at model homes, and everybody knows that Midlothian is exploding in its growth and these beautiful homes are proof of that,” Jackson confirmed.

According to Midlothian’s School District Strategies, the Cement Capitol has constructed 538 new homes over the past 12 months with developers delivering 598 new single-family lots over the past year, ranking 18th in total new home starts and 23rd in total closings over the past year.

“We’re great builders in a great city,” Jurado acknowledged. “Altura has always been a great builder, and we just haven’t gone outside of Rockwall, Melissa, Forney, until now and we’re expanding into Midlothian and just trying to spread the word.”

“I’m originally from West Texas, and Midlothian reminds me a lot of West Texas, people are great, and everyone that I’ve met is great. I go to Brookshire’s, and everybody is nice there and smiles and stops to talk to you, and for what I hear the school is a great and the small businesses are even better,” he added.

Though the partnership is unusual, both companies agree that Midlothian is a place to call home where the future looks bright.

“The community is amazing, it really is,” Kolp recognized. “And we’re so happy to be here.”

“We want to be an asset to Ellis County and a mainstay because we love this community,” Jurado concluded.

To connect with the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce, visit midlothianchamber.org or call (972)-723-8600.

For more information about Wall Homes, visit wall.com or call (877)-301-9155.

To find out more about Altura Homes, visit alturahomes.com or call (888)-972-1979.


Chelsea Groomer, @ChelseaGroomer