MIDLOTHIAN — The Midlothian Heritage varsity football squad began its 2017 campaign with a strong showing against the Mineral Wells Rams during a Saturday morning scrimmage. During the offensive sets, the Jaguars scored twice, while the defense intercepted a pass from a Ram quarter on the other end of the field.

Even still, Heritage head coach Lee Wiginton said his team has a long way to go to repeat or build on last season's three-round playoff run.

“Not bad for a first day. I mean for the guys to go out there and go against somebody new and different. Throughout all of the offseason, you go against yourself and go against yourself. It was as good finally to go against somebody that wasn’t ourselves,” Wiginton said.

The Rams began the controlled scrimmage with possession but were soon sent to the sideline after the Jaguar defense forced a three-and-out. During the regular quarter of play, Mineral Wells was held to only three positions and Ram quarterbacks felt consistent pressure from the Heritage front seven for most of the morning.

After scoring once, the Jaguars added a second touchdown after a series of first downs were capped with a long pass inside the Mineral Wells red zone. The score put Heritage up 13-0 during the waning minutes of the quarter.

With less than a minute left on the clock, the Rams began their final possession and capped their march with a touchdown at the buzzer. The point after was good and the controlled scrimmage ended with the Jaguars leading 13-7.

"Mineral Wells is a great team. They are well coached. They are very physical and do a great job. It was a great first scrimmage,” Wiginton said.

Describing the Jaguar defense, Wiginton added, “We’ve got new faces on the field. Defensively we have a whole lot of new faces. We had some lineman step up. It was good to see those guys step up."

"[...] It will take us a while to see what the right combination of whose is going to be on the field and who can get it done play in and play out. A lot of guys got reps today and a lot of good films. We’ll improve, that’s for sure.”

As for the offensive unit, Wiginton said he was pleased with the effort and high points but still wants to see the group find its groove,

“We did complete some balls down the field, but we were far from flawless," he said. "We didn’t run the ball like we wanted to. We missed the mark some, but we found a way to move the ball when we needed to and make some plays.”

The Jaguars travel to Haslet for the second of two preseason games Friday, Aug. 25 at V.R. Eaton High School. Kickoff is set for 6:30 pm.