Well, Sunday night allowed those wishing to get a break from politics, instead of getting a stomach full of politics, Trump bashing in particular, at the annual Emmy awards. Even for a political junkie like me, it was just too much.

With the Emmys most likely receiving the lowest ratings in their history, can we look forward to a different agenda next year? That’s highly unlikely since President Donald J Trump will still be in office.

Perhaps next year we will hear this: And the award for the greatest display of Trump Bashing goes to----”

I was highly upset at the article I read about the “9 to 5” actresses at the Emmys. While Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda bashed Trump without naming him, the video showed Dolly Parton just raising her eyebrows. Even though she didn’t utter a word, Dolly was included in the headlines as a Trump basher. First time I ever heard that raising eyebrows is the same as bashing someone. To me, the raising of eyebrows is a show of shock or disbelief.

If it were just the Emmys, I might overlook this, but it’s also the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, VMA Awards, MTV Music Awards, to name a few. Additionally, the NFL and ESPN have joined in.

Most Americans watch these shows or sporting events to get a break from the caustic political climate that currently exists in our great nation.

Who wants to see these overpaid celebrities or athletes bash the President of the United States or disrespect Old Glory or our National Anthem?

With the drop in ratings on television and the declining attendance rates at sporting events and movies, one would think the governing bodies would wake up and take notice.

Declining ratings and attendance equal to less money for the movie industry, actors, football teams and players.

If I wanted to watch politics, I would tune to CNN, MSNBC or FOX NEWS.

Another disturbing trend is how comments on Social Media are being handled. Some are terminated while others are not, for similar postings. I believe it should be the same for all involved.

Most corporations have a clause in their employee handbooks that address this. Most of these businesses will terminate employment if disparaging comments of any kind bring negative attention to their business.

Politicians have always been the target of jokes. Even President Obama had jokes made about him. I have, however, never seen the level of hatred that is being directed at the current occupier of the Oval Office. It is shameful, in my humble opinion. He wasn’t my first choice and I think he says and does some stupid things, but he is our President, whether we like it or not.

President Trump has accomplished some great things in spite of the constant barrage of criticism and the obstructionism from both the Democrats and Republicans. You won’t see these accomplishments mentioned in the Main Stream Media.

I’d be willing to bet those most critical of him are surely enjoying the unbelievable returns on their investments or the added security of a retirement portfolio that will sustain them for a very long time.

Just as I blame the Main Stream Media for giving too much attention to mass murders, I think they are at fault here, as well. Stop giving these killers and publicity hounds the attention they crave. It’s as if they are trying to outdo the previous one.

In closing, I want to give you some new names I have come up with:

CNN----Constipated News Network

ESPN----Expanded Sarcastic Political News

MSNBC----Mega Sarcastic News & Boring Content

Academy Awards---The Advanced Academy of Trump Bashers

NFL----Never Football Leaders.

Please continue to pray for America, our leaders, each other and especially those who hate. Also, keep all those who protect and serve us in your prayers. They have the most difficult jobs imaginable. GOD BLESS AMERICA.