Man, how time flies when you're having "fun." It has been right at six months since I was appointed as Sheriff. Today's article is to let you know some of the changes taking place at your Sheriff's Office.

One of the biggest and best improvements is the evidence and property room. Events of the not too distant past revealed there were some significant changes needed in that area.

I am proud to say that the property room is now "squared away." The work done by our new property room staff has been amazing. If it wasn't a strictly controlled access area — I'm not even allowed in there without an escort — I'd invite you to take a look.

We are in the process of modernizing our vehicle camera system, and the new cars with this policy will be rolling out soon. We are also in the process of outfitting each deputy with a body-worn camera. The jail is getting some technology upgrades, too, and we will be years ahead of the timeline imposed by the Sandra Bland Act recently passed by the Texas Legislature.

While the details have yet to be finalized, we have implemented a competitive, merit-based promotion system for Deputies and Detention Officers.

All this is being done to provide the citizens and visitors to Ellis County the most professional and transparent law enforcement possible.