MIDLOTHIAN — The Schlotzsky’s in Midlothian is looking forward to selling beer and wine before the end of the year.

The owner, Dean Connel, hung up a sign on Oct. 12, indicating an alcohol permit was applied for. Connel said he hopes to have everything in full swing by mid-December.

“We got the sign up on Oct. 12. It’s at least 60 days from when the sign goes up to when the permit can be issued. I’ve got the paperwork, I’m currently in the process of getting the different governmental entities to sign off on it. It’s in the city right now. We’ve got to go to the county, then the state and I’ve ran the articles in the newspaper that are required.”

“We are going through a reimage. But Schlotsky’s is looking at converting their stores from the bakery-café concept to an Austin eatery concept,” Connel said.

Most of the changes in the restaurant will be cosmetic, he explained.

“We’ll get some paint and the graphics will change, the feel inside the store will change. Most of the furniture won’t change,” Connel said.

Lindsay Haynes, public relations for Schlosky’s said there are only a handful of locations across the nation that will serve alcohol.

“I know we will be one of the first in the area to go through the reimage,” Connel said.

He also noted the patio at the current location was a key selling point to the corporate minds when asked what separated the Midlothian location from others in the area.

“We are excited about the change. I think it will be a nice shot in the arm. It will give folks a nice place to hang out in the evenings. We may be able to do some live music on Friday and Saturday nights,” Connel added.

Other than the cosmetic changes, Connel did mention that the menu will be losing some low-selling items while gaining others.

“Our menu is going to stay significantly the same, but we will probably lose a few items but gain a few more. We will be doing street tacos, sliders, and tins — and the tins will be macaroni and cheese, some tater-tot-type dishes and some apuso-type dishes,” Connel said.

The store expects to sell bottled beer, a few varieties of draft beers, as well as wine served by the glass. As of particular brands, Connel said the company hasn’t shared with him what brands are on the list to sell.

Connel said he is planning on selling some national brands as well as some craft beers that are local to the area, that will rotate seasonally.

The drive-thru will still be accessible for customers, but alcohol will only be served for dine-in guests only.

“It’s so early in the process, a lot of these things are subject to change,” Connel said.