MAYPEARL – Kameron Raburn’s Global High School project has been turned into a countywide effort to provide first responders with essential medical information.

ESD Station No. 1 in Maypearl held the first community signup for Vial of Life in the county.

“Our goal is to get 10,000 of the vials out in the first three years; 5,000 this year and 2,500 the following two years,” Raburn said.

The vial is a tall blue plastic bottle that resembles a medicine bottle. A form for each individual that resides in the home is filled out and placed inside the bottle. The form lists medications, physician’s name, emergency contact names, known medical problems and other information a first responder would need.

Other information that can be placed inside the vial is an EKG if there is been a recent heart problem, Do Not Resuscitate order if the person so wishes and a recent photograph.

“This information is very vital to first responders when they arrive at a medical emergency, especially if the patient is not able to communicate. It is also vital information that will be needed when the patient arrives at a medical facility,” Raburn said.

Once the form is filled out and other documents are inserted into the vial, it is then placed in the refrigerator. A red sticker is affixed to the front door alerting first responders of the vial.

“The refrigerator was chosen because it is easy to find and locate the vial,” Raburn said.

“I looked at other programs, but found none as good as this one. One had a door hanger and another had a plastic bag that was hung on the refrigerator door,” Raburn said.  

Preparing for Saturday’s distribution, Rayburn and his girlfriend spent evenings placing the blank forms and red stickers in the vials to be distributed.

Several members of the ESD No. 1 Volunteer Fire Department joined Raburn in passing out vials. In many cases the volunteers help to fill in the forms and made sure all the information was filled in correctly.

In many cases, citizens brought medications in bags to make sure they and dosage amounts were properly listed.

“This is not a fire department event, we are here to help Raburn distribute these vials to the community,” ESD No1 Fire Chief Trey Moon said.

Raburn’s project started as a required community project for the Global High senior. “Being as I am a part of the Garrett Volunteer Fire Department and the Ennis Fire Department, I wanted to do something that was first responder related,” Raburn said.

Raburn’s engineering teacher April Moon referred him to her husband, Trey Moon, who is with the Waxahachie Fire Department and the head of the ESD No. 1 station in Maypearl.

“I saw this project several years ago but several things including cost got it put on hold. When Raburn came to me asking me to be his mentor and asking for a project, I knew this was the one for him,” Moon said.

Raburn immediately began applying for grants to fund his project.

“We didn’t have any success until we went to the North Central Texas Trauma Advisory Council,” Raburn said.

Moon told where Raburn had to make presentations before committees of physicians to sell his project to get the funding.

“Sometimes he would have to diplomatically respond to physicians objections to justify the project. In the end, he was successful in receiving the council’s funding along with another $500 donation.

Joining the signup event at the Maypearl station were member of the East Texas EMS Medical transport and a helicopter emergency flight crew from AirVac.

Raburn’s hope is to have a vial in every home in Ellis County. I’ll be attending similar events in the other county rural fire departments as well as giving every department in the county these vials to give out when citizens come to the station requesting them, Raburn said.