The strategic plan for economic development is being completed through the cooperation of the Midlothian Economic Development and the Midlothian Community Development Corporation with the assistance of Garner Economic, LLC, a leader in the economic development consulting and site selection industry.

To help them come up with a plan for future opportunities, President and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation Larry Barnett is asking for help from the community.

“We are in the middle of a new strategic plan and are getting the word out about our online survey,” Barnett said. “We would love feedback from small businesses and others in Midlothian.”

He said since arriving to Midlothian, he has learned how special the Midlothian community is and can be.

“It is evident that Midlothian will grow by its shear nature of being so close to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex,” he said. “North Texas is fortunate to be one of the most attractive business climates in the U.S., and Midlothian must look strategically at the type of growth we desire for our community.”

Barnett said there are several people who desire “quality growth,” while maintaining the positive aspects of their semi-rural lifestyle mixed with the amenities of a growing community.

“This strategic plan, of which the survey is one important component, has been a unique opportunity for Midlothian’s two economic development organizations to work together,” he said. “Through group meetings, and this online survey, we are all working diligently to capture input from our business, nonprofit and government entities to guide the future growth opportunities of Midlothian.”

He said using the perspectives of community stakeholders, along with research conducted in coordination with consulting firm Garner Economics, they are able to take a quantitative and qualitative look at Midlothian and the region to determine where opportunities exist, the existing assets they have and don’t have and be strategic in how they accomplish their goals.

In less than 15 minutes, Barnett said the community’s invested time, its opinions and its unique perspective of Midlothian will be an important part of a new plan.?

The survey will be live until 5 p.m. Jan. 29. There is a link to the survey on the economic development corporation’s website. To take the survey or for more information, visit

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