As if just in time to help those with weight-loss and fitness-related New Year’s resolutions, the YMCA received approximately more than $40,000 in new equipment, said Melody Miller, The Waxahachie Family YMCA wellness coordinator.

The average person can gain seven to eight pounds during the holidays, Miller said.

The equipment ranges from cardio machines, to weight machines, to new flooring and disco balls in one of the exercise classrooms and was given by the Y association, she said.

“It’s pretty similar to what we had before, it’s just updated,” Miller said. “There’s some different adjustments on some of them to make our bodies work the way they’re supposed to.’

Along with a new year, comes another year the body ages. Miller said as important as it is to lose weight, maintaining muscle mass is also a necessity.

To help, YMCA also offers cardio and weight-lifting classes using the new equipment.

When people get into the 30s, 40s and beyond, bone density can diminish, Miller said, and lifting weights can combat that as well as prevent osteoporosis, a disease where bones become fragile and are more likely to fracture.

“The less muscle mass you have, the less calories you’re going to be able to burn every day,” she said. “That’s why a lot of people start gaining weight. That’s why these classes are so important.”

Waxahachie resident Ora Johnson said her New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, and she likes the YMCA’s new weight machines. She’s been attending the YMCA for thirteen years, she said.

“The new weights are smoother,” Johnson said. “You don’t have to use as much weight, there’s just something about it.”

However, because most people are looking for an immediate change from exercise, those New Year’s resolutions often get dropped, Miller said.

“We need to be reasonable in setting our goals,” Miller said. “One to two pounds a week is a reasonable goal. If people could realize they are making good changes, even if they don’t see it, they are doing their body good.”

Going to classes, having good motivation or having an accountability partner will help resolution enthusiasts succeed, Miller said.

Linda Esselman, also a Waxahachie resident, said her New Year goal was traditional and geared toward having a healthy lifestyle. She just started using the new equipment last week.

“I really am grateful for the elliptical because it’s easier on my joints,” Esselman said. “I’m also grateful there’s several machines and there’s always at least one open.”

Beyond accountability, Miller said one of the best things people can do when it comes to working out is face insecurity. With televisions on some of the new equipment, some people can find a distraction from insecurities, she said.

“People are so intimidated to come in. Think about it, you’re up on display,” Miller said. “It’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, did they see my fat sticking out,’ or ‘Am I jiggling?’ In reality, everybody else is thinking about themselves, too. They’re probably not worried about you.”