With the Holiday season fast approaching, the Convention and Visitors Bureau is gearing up for the annual production of Bethlehem Revisited.  

Bethlehem Revisited is an interactive portrayal of what the city of Bethlehem may have been like on the night of Christ’s birth.

Volunteers come from all over the north Texas area to get a chance to portray a Biblical time character and share the life and times of the little village.  

Visitors are invited to stroll the streets, enjoying the sights, sounds and fragrances of the city.

Live animals help bring the scenes to life as an unassuming, weary couple enter the city on a live donkey.  They come to the city to pay their taxes and look for a place to rest.  

Wool processing, fishnet making, the flute maker, the bakery, an apothecary, the Synagogue, the brass shop and of course the inn are bustling with business in the nippy evening air.  

Outside the city, the shepherds tend their sheep in the meadow and across the “way” wise men from the east travel, following a star in search of He who has been fortold of.  

Even King Herod makes an appearance and the wise men pass through his realm in search of the Christ Child.

Come  be a part of something very special that goes on here in Waxahachie each year!

Bethlehem Revisited Cast Call

A casting call for this year event will be held Sunday, Oct. 6 at 4 p.m.    at Central Presbyterian Church, 402 N. College, Waxahachie.

Not really an audition!  You need not prepare anything, just come with a willing heart and eager spirit. (Children under the age of 12 must have a parent/guardian on premises at all times during production)

This year we are specifically looking for:

• Mature male to portray the prophet “Isaiah”

• Mature male to portray the tax collector

• Family to take the/fisherman/net making hut (can be a single adult — we will find you kids)

• Family to take the Stone Carvers Hut (can be a single adult - we will find you kids)

• BAKER.  This person has an experienced helper, but that person is unable to take the lead. Dough will need to be prepared ahead of time and brought down around 4:30-5 p.m. each night to be put in the oven to bake (you will be the most popular citizen of Bethlehem!)

• Market place and Inn are overstaffed, but lots of others spots need a person or two here and there.

For more information, contact Paige Gordon, Casting Director at WaxaBethlehem@gmail.com.