The FarmGirls met with Tara Pommer, farmer and long-time friend this past week.  

Tara and her husband Jerry left the city life and moved to their 12 acre homestead in Grandview, Texas. They left the convenience of the city to follow a dream and fulfill their passion for living out a healthier lifestyle.  

Tara said the food system has improved but 5-1/2 years ago they were not happy with the food choices available to them.

Jerry and Tara in an effort to have local, pesticide-free, hormone-free food set out to grow and process their own food, raise their own vegetables and milk their own goats.  

These determined farmers have been an inspiration to the FarmGirls. We have had the pleasure to follow their farming efforts through the years.  

Jerry and Tara have experienced droughts, grass hopper invasions and fought predators but have never lost their passion for real food.  

They have raised goats, chicken, ducks, turkeys, rabbits and maintained bee hives.  

Tara bakes bread and preserves her vegetables.  

They have raised a herd of goats. They practiced sustainability, prepared tasty cheese.Tara grew and used herbs to formulate lovely and soothing soap with the goats milk.  The Pommers amazed me with their perseverance and ability to quickly learn the farm life.  

Last May they received three varieties of baby turkeys.  

Both male and female turkeys, Bronz, white and calico made up their flock of 25.  

These birds are social and some formed an attachment to their keepers.  Tara says that one would follow her to the front door of their home.  

They were semi-free ranged meaning they foraged on about ½-acre with electric protective netting.  

Turkeys have many natural predators from the time they are young until they are grown which takes about six months.  The males tend to grow bigger.

Grasshoppers were a large part of the turkeys diet according to Tara.  The turkeys dressed out between 12 and 25 pounds.

The turkeys may be the last food crop raised on their small homestead for the Pommers.  

With the latest addition of a beautiful baby girl the young family are putting their acreage up for sale and moving to a larger home.  

I asked Tara what is the biggest lesson learned from the farm adventure.  She said, “We have learned to really appreciate every bite of food that goes in our mouths and especially grateful for healthy food.”

There will be so much food consumed this Thanksgiving week. We give a weekly shout out to farmers every week on our FarmGirl radio show,

But as Tara reminded me we sincerely thank every farmer, gardener, chef and anyone involved in producing and provided locally grown, pesticide free and real food for America!  

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